Let’s start with the basics

I thought I would take time for one post to show ya’ll my basic, mostly everyday makeup routine with the products I use everyday (at the moment that is).

So to start, here’s me as a clean and fresh palette! Nothing on my face except some moisturizer and sunblock! I do use a separate sunblock everyday. Yes, a lot of moisturizers and makeup have sunblock in them, but it’s really not enough to cover your whole face and protect it. I use Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Liquid, it’s super sheer and made to use everyday under your makeup. It’s extremely comparable to Skinceuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense for a fraction of the price.

So fresh & so clean!

Umm, in all these pictures, please disregard the background. I didn’t think to  straighten up first! Onwards to makeup application after the jump!

Let’s start with foundation. I recently discovered BB Cream and it’s amazing for everyday. It’s in between tinted moisturizer and foundation, while making your skin better. I’ve been using Garnier Skin Renew and I apply it with a foundation brush, just like a regular foundation. I’ve noticed that my skintone is more even and I don’t break out as often since I’ve started using this BB Cream.

BB = Beauty Balm

Using a brush allows for a more even application & clean fingers.

Next is concealer. I don’t use anything special, just a basic one from Ulta’s store brand.

Use where needed, definitely under the eyes.

I use a light dusting of face powder just on the T-Zone and apples of my cheeks. The BB Cream tends to leave my skin a little more dewy/shiny than I prefer. Again, I use a basic powder compact from Ulta’s store brand.

A big powder brush lets you control the amount of powder without smudging your foundation.

Next is blush! I’m a slave to NARS Orgasm Blush. I’ve used it for years because it’s just the prettiest, most flattering shade of peachy gold. It looks good on everyone and one compact lasts for awhile, even when you use it everyday. I know $28 is a lot for just a blush, but for me it’s worth every penny.

Anything I want to say about this blush just sounds like a double entendre.

Then comes the bronzer. I can’t seem to commit to a particular brand on this front, but lately I’ve really like this mineral bronzer from Peter Thomas Roth (although now that I’ve tried to find where to buy it online, I think it’s been discontinued). Anyway, I use it on my forhead, nose, chin and the sides of my face, going to just where my blush starts. Basically, you want to bronze the places where the sun naturally hits your face.

Any bronzer’ll do. I seriously have like five.

Ok, so my face is done! It really doesn’t take that long, a couple of minutes max.

Moving onto eye makeup, about 95% of the time I start with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Potion Primer in Sin. It’s a shimmery champagne primer that looks great by itself or with color layered over it (which I do most of the time anyway). I use it just about everyday and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite makeup item of all time, ever, which is saying a lot.

It really does make me happy. I love this stuff.

For an easy, breezy day you could stop here and just finish with mascara or maybe throw on a little eyeliner (black or a color!). But let’s move onto eyeshadow! Using the UD Vice Palette again, I started with a nude, matte light brown shade on the lid, just till under the crease.

Is there a way to take a flattering pic of yourself putting on eye makeup?

In the crease, I used a shimmery gray.

Seriously, I don’t think a good pic is possible!

Topped it off with a glittery teal liner on the top lid and a taupe liner on the bottom. I just wanted a small pop of color, but I like lining my eyes all the way around which is why I opted for the taupe on bottom.

Teal on top…

…and taupe on the bottom.

Finish with mascara (I really like Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express) and brow pencil/gel. As a final touch, I use a frosty white pencil just under my brow arch and in the inner corner of my eye. It just really opens everything up.

The white pencil is the easiest pro tip ever.

Lastly are the lips! I chose a mauve shade from Target’s NP Set line called Mykonos.

Pucker up, ya’ll.

And we’re done! Daily, it takes me about 10-15 minutes to do everything.

All done!

Here’ s a closeup of my eye makeup.


And opened.

Let me know what other kind of looks ya’ll would like to see! Most probably won’t be as long as this one, as I won’t go into all my foundation/concealer/bronzer details, but I’ll gladly do requests for smokey eyes or glitter or whatever!


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