Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball

This past weekend, I took a mini road trip to Houston with my friends to see THE Lady Gaga in concert! She was absolutely amazing! It was my first Gaga show and I know it won’t be my last. I totally recommend going to see her whether you enjoy her music or not, because that’s how good of a show she puts on. It was so impossibly theatrical, while still maintaining a fun, club-like atmosphere.  Even though we had seats, we stood and danced for almost the entire two hours! I loved seeing the other “Little Monsters” and the costumes/outfits they picked out. Some were just as elaborate as Gaga’s herself! And to watch the select few who got to get up on stage with her was so cool, almost everyone was crying (I would have too!) and one guy even knew the entire dance routine to Scheisse! The Born This Way Ball definitely ranks in my top 5 best concerts EVER! We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with our friends Christine & Amanda, shopping at Sam Moon, eating at The Boiling Crab, and getting pedicures. Best weekend ever!

Here is what I wore to the concert:

Tonight we aren't takin' no calls, 'cause we'll be dancin'!

Tonight we aren’t takin’ no calls, ’cause we’ll be dancin’!

Pleather jacket, TJ Maxx (from a few years ago); sequin dress, Tahari; skull knuckleduster clutch, Sam Moon (similar); lipstick, Chanel in Pirate

On the left is my fabulous friend Gloria!

On the bottom half, I wore opaque black tights and some black and gold flats. As much as Glo & I wanted to wear our high heels, we knew we would have a far way to walk and would be standing, so we both opted for comfort, which was a good idea since the stairs leading to our seats were SO STEEP! I thought I was going to fall right down into the next level!

Our seats were in the upper level, so all my pictures sort of look the same but with different lighting, so I pulled some pictures from Google of the concert. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball

  1. spikeleeinspiresme says:

    So cool to see a blogger that’s so close to my area and really into the same things as me! Definitely jealous I didn’t get to make the concert but you and your friend Gloria looked awesome and I am sure you guys had a “Ball”!

    • kalliope84 says:

      Thanks! We really did! I’m from San Antonio, but drove into Houston for the show. So whereabouts are you from?

      Also thanks for reading and following! One of my favorite parts of blogging has been meeting all sorts of fab people 🙂

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