Makeup Vanity Overhaul

In my history of wearing makeup regularly (since 6th grade), I have always sat at the vanity in my bedroom. It has a three-sided mirror and four drawers going down each side. The drawers always held desk-type things and I always kept my beauty stuff on top. When I left for college, I could keep all my stash in a large Diane von Furstenberg train case which made it easy to transport from dorm to home and back (if I needed all of it). Eventually my beauty products out-grew the top of the vanity and the drawers basically kept forgotten pieces of cheap, broken jewelry, old cell phones, scrunchies and other junk. I wanted to utilize that valuable drawer space for the products I was actually using!

This weekend, I spent an afternoon going through each drawer, keeping what could be kept and purging just about everything else. My goal was to get all my makeup IN THE DRAWERS. I had seen some great makeup organization on Pinterest, so taking some inspiration from that, I got selection of drawer organizers from Target and got everything separated and in its place. It’s so nice! I love it!

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