Urban Decay Naked2 Look

When it comes to eyeshadows, Urban Decay knows what they’re doing especially when it comes to palettes. The Naked and Naked2 palettes are consistently in my daily rotation, as they easily transition from day to night and are perfect to travel with (the hardest part is deciding which one to take!).

Here is a look I did a couple weeks ago, just really simple as I wanted to show off my lipstick, Nars Dressed To Kill (a totally gorgeous pinky-red rose, with gold shimmer).



Brow bone to crease: Virgin (from the original Naked palette). From Naked2:  inner corner to middle lid: YDK; middle lid to outer corner: Snakebite; outer corner & blended into crease: Busted; eyeliner: NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black; mascara: Rimmel London Scandal Eyes in Black

I am very proud of my liquid liner in this picture, it’s the one technique I just can’t seem to master! For example, I couldn’t even recreate it this weekend, I had to give up and just start over with pencil liner 😦

Anyway, here’s a pic with my eyes open:

Bright eyes!

Bright eyes!

And finally, my lipstick. It looks a little patchy because I had put on some chapstick before the lippie.

Pucker up!

Pucker up!

Nars Dressed To Kill lipstick

Just as an editor’s note, I think I’m going to start doing outfit posts on Mondays, product reviews on Wednesdays and makeup posts on Fridays. I read that it’s important for bloggers to have a schedule, so I thought I’d try it out. Maybe by the next post, I’ll figure out a theme name for each. Stylin’ Mondays, Tryin’ It Wednesdays and Blushin’ Fridays? Hm.

Yeah, I think it’s back to the drawing board for that, haha.

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