I’m Back with Summer Brights!

A big thank you to all my friends (online and in real life!) for sticking around. My family and I are doing well and the support we’ve received has been awesome.

So let’s get back to the fun stuff!

Color blocking from Target

Color blocking from Target

Skirt, top, sweater, Target; Shoes, Guess (DSW markdown); clutch, Marc Jacobs; watch & bangles, Versona & Sam Moon

I got this whole outfit on the fly at Target in one trip! I found the pencil skirt first and I really gravitated to the bright yellow, it’s such a fun color. I knew I didn’t have anything to wear with it in my own closet, so I started looking around. I found the cardigan next and I thought the melon color complimented the yellow nicely. I love to color block! After that, I started to look for something neutral to wear underneath, in order to not be a neon nightmare. When I saw this top with the polka dots and ruffles, I knew it would be the perfect neutral and the details added a fun touch.

Since my last post, I got my hair highlighted and got three inches taken off the length. I love it! I enjoy having my hair lighter, I used to be totally blonde for almost four years until I went brunette January 2012.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “I’m Back with Summer Brights!

  1. Punky Coletta says:

    Love it! So cool that you found it all at Target. It gives me hope that I can create a cute outfit! (And by that I mean copy exactly what you are wearing here.) I always want to dress cute, but am severely fashion impaired, and thus end up in jeans and a tee-shirt most days.

    • kalliope84 says:

      Thanks! I LOVE Target and I’m really not exaggerating when I say I buy most of my clothes there. I usually shop there, JC Penney’s and Old Navy, I’m all about cute, good quality clothes at affordable prices.

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