Grown-Up Glitter Cat Eye

The holiday season is the perfect time to bust out every piece of glittery, shimmery makeup you own. If you’re me, then that’s quite a bit. But glitter can be really tough to work with, especially if you’re older than 14.

A quick and easy way to get a glittery eye is with a glitter liquid liner. I really love Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal liners and NYX Liquid Crystal liner. Gold is a great color to start with, as it goes with everything and looks a little more classy.

What I did was a neutral, matte eyeshadow with a black cat eye liner. Then, I take my favorite gold glitter liner and simply traced a line on top of the black. Add a bright lipstick in your favorite color, and you’ve got an easy holiday look!

Bright and sparkly!

Bright and sparkly!

Close up

Close up

Another close up

Another close up

Products used:

There you have it! So easy!

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