Play! by Sephora – December Box Review

Another month, another Play! by Sephora beauty box review! This box was interesting in that it was a mix of skincare and makeup, with brands I’ve tried before and a couple new ones.

Play! by Sephora's December box theme

Play! by Sephora’s December box theme

The theme of this box is to indulge in little luxuries and self-care. I’m not one to treat myself to expensive skincare (I use pretty much just drugstore/Neutrogena) just because it can really be so hard on the wallet, but I do enjoy trying samples of fancy stuff.

Contents of this month's box

Contents of this month’s box

So included in here is: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume, NUDE Skincare Advanced Renewal Serum, Dr. Brandt Skincare PoreDermabrasion, Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black, Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Shadow Duo and Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil.

Reviews and more pictures after the jump!

Flowerbomb perfume sample

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume sample

First up, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume. This has been around for awhile and I dare say that it can be considered a new classic. I know a lot of people who own and love this fragrance, but I’ve never actually tried it myself. I’ve sniffed it in stores, but that’s about it. Flowerbomb incorporates four floral notes: jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid and ballerina freesia. When I first sprayed it on, I could swear I smell like vanilla and chocolate candy notes, but in a chemical sort of way. But since then, it’s dried down to a warm, vaguely floral scent. I can pick out the rose and maybe a bit of freesia, but that’s about it. It’s a very pretty scent though. Maybe not one I would purchase for myself, but I wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift if that makes any sense.

NUDE Skincare

NUDE Skincare Advanced Renewal Skincare

I’ve tried NUDE Skincare once before, it was a facial oil I received a sample of from Sephora and I just remember that it was AMAZING. I was quite excited to see the Advavnced Renewal serum in my box and the fact that there are seven of these packets. Sephora says that it’s seven days worth, but I can get about five applications out of each sample so it will last me quite a bit longer. This is different than the oil I had tried before, but so far it’s nice. I haven’t noticed any change in my skin, although it’s only been a few days. I use this serum right after cleansing and before I put on my moisturizer and sunblock. This serum contains Omega 9 fatty acids (like what’s in fish) to hydrate and protect against environmental stress, Japanese sea kelp to firm and improve elasticity and provide antioxidents, and polypeptide repair complex to renew, smooth and prevent signs of aging. Again, I haven’t noticed much but it’s got a lot of good stuff in it.

Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion

Next up is Dr. Brandt’s PoreDermabrasion. Apparently, this is a newly launched product that contains two exfoliators: a chemical formula that are used in peels and physical particles like in a scrub. First of all, the size of this sample is misleading because it was only about half full. I really had to squeeze and run my fingers down the length of the tube to get any out. I used it in the shower rather than the sink, which ended up being a good idea because the scrub particles are super fine and would have been a nightmare trying to rinse off my face in the sink. But also, the particles don’t dissolve, so when I did rinse it off I felt like there were particles in my eyes. Lastly, I just didn’t feel like I got that great of a exfoliation from the product. This is a hard pass from me, I’ll stick to my homemade olive oil, honey and brown sugar scrub.

Fresh Seaberry Oil

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

I love facial oils! Especially now, because winter is hell on my normal to dry skin. Fresh’s Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil is made with sea buckthorn  oil which contains 10 times more vitamin C than oranges. Fresh also says it is high in fatty acids and antioxidants. I only just used this today, but I added a couple of drops to my moisturizer and it felt pretty good and my face still feels moisturized a few hours later. I probably won’t shell out for a full-size but if you’re in the market for a face oil that has extra stuff in it I would recommend this. Vitamin C is so great for your skin.


Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Duo

These are two shades from Smashbox’s Full Exposure palette, which is similar to Urban Decay’s Naked palette or LORAC’s Pro Palette. I was excited to try this but so let down! The matte shade kicked up a ton of powder when I touched it with my brush. Although it blended really nicely, it’s a waste of product when half of it doesn’t even end up on your brush. The shimmer shade is literally just glitter with hardly any binder to hold it together. Swiping it on my lid just ended up as a glitter bomb with nothing sticking even with primer on. I had to spray my brush with Fix+ and then gently tap it on my lid to get it to stick and to, you know, show up and look like eyeshadow. If these two shades are indicators of how the whole palette is, this is also a hard pass for me. That aside, this little duo is the perfect travel size.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black

Lastly is the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil in black. I’ve tried samples of these pencils in the pass and I’ve always been impressed. It’s smudgy and easy to work with but also sets fairly quick and stays all day. I can’t really attest to it’s waterproofness, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If you’re looking for a good, black kohl type pencil, this is a good one.



Here are swatches of the pencil and the two Smashbox eyeshadows.

Unfortunately, not everything in this box was a winner but I did enjoy trying everything!

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