Spring Glam Look

Hi ya’ll! So it’s been a minute since my last post, but I’ve got a bunch of new stuff coming up on here soon. I also put in a solid effort to film my very first “get ready with me” makeup tutorial, but as I was editing I noticed the entire video was blurry 😦 I didn’t realize my camera does not auto-focus when filming in video, so the whole thing is out of focus which I couldn’t see until I viewed the clips in fullscreen on my laptop. I need to rethink this whole video tutorial thing.

Anyway! Let’s move on to the fun stuff. I did this look about a month ago, in preparation for spring and I love how it turned out! So much so, that when I looked at the pictures again I really want to recreate it for myself. Again. Especially the lip color.



I kept this light with a neutral eye, luminous skin and a pearly pinky coral lip, mostly because I wanted to wear my coral jewelry I bought in Sicily a few years back.

Drama, drama, dramaaa

Drama, drama, dramaaa

This could definitely be used as an evening look as well by smoking out the lower lash line a little more and using a darker, more dramatic lip color.

Fresh and pretty!

Fresh and pretty!

Product List!




Thanks for reading!


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