Dark & Stormy Nights: Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006 UltraViolet Blue

I’m back! And with some AMAZING goodies this time around.

I apologize for the extended absence. Since my last post, I got a new job, moved to a new city (still in Texas!) and have been adjusting to my new life! Also, kompsi here got a bit of a makeover and an updated URL!

But this post isn’t about that. This is about PAT MCGRATH.


The packaging gets me every time, it’s so great.

Pat McGrath is the most influential professional makeup artist in the world. She has literally done everyone’s face, has worked backstage with every major designer and brand, from Armani to Cover Girl.

SEQUENCE (like Roxxxy Andrews! Anyone… just me…?)

Pat’s own line is innovative and is released piecemeal in limited quantities. Each collection has a different focus and color scheme, but each is dramatic and fun. I love that she uses couture sequins to package and protect her products!

The entire collection

The Dark Star 006 UltraViolet Blue collection features three eyeshadows, one pressed pigment, a kohl smudge stick, holographic eye gloss and a blending brush. It’s pricey at $130, but you are receiving six full sized products and a brush to boot. I picked mine up during the Sephora VIB sale last week and it’s also available at patmcgrath.com. The set is also available with Ultrasuede Brown pigment instead of blue and on Pat’s site,  you can get the set without a pressed pigment for $95.

Pat teased this collection during New York Fashion Week this past February, most specifically during the Anna Sui show. I was IN LOVE with the dramatic cobalt eyes and wine colored lips, it was so FASHUN but surprisingly wearable at the same time? I don’t know, but I was inspired to say the least.

UltraViolet Blue Pigment

According to Pat’s website, the UltraViolet Blue Pigment is:

High-intensity crushed Tanzanite pigment meets three-dimensional crystal illumination creating the most intensely saturated pigment: UltraViolet Blue. This long-lasting, vividly violet-meets-cobalt shadow is boldly blendable, delivering an outrageously instant dose of iconically incandescent colour.

It’s so pretty. That’s about all I can say. Although, since it is a pressed pigment and not just an eyeshadow (meaning it’s purely pigment and color with little to none of the ingredients and binders that make eyeshadow what it is), it can temporarily stain your skin. I find that using a white base like NYX Shadow Stick in Milk can help the pigment not stain as much.

Dark Matter Pigment

Dark Matter Pigment is a soft, smoky charcoal black which would make the perfect base for a sexy, smoky eye or for layering over and setting the kohl liner included with the kit. I like that this isn’t too black, it has a softness to it that I believe makes it more versatile.

Mercury Pigment

Next up is Mercury Pigment. My picture makes it look more golden than it is in real life. I find it to be more of a taupe/khaki shade with neutral undertones. This would be a perfect shade to blend into the crease or as an all-over lid color if you wanted to do a softer look.

Astral White Pigment

The Astral White pigment is so pretty and it’s so hard to pick up on camera! It a holographic duochrome shade, a frosty white base with a cool blue shift. This can be layered over any of the other shades to give a holo effect – I think it would look spectacular over Dark Matter or UltraViolet Blue; also it would look stunning as an inner corner highlight. I think this could also double as a highlighter for your cheeks as well!

Cyber Clear Eye Gloss

This eye gloss is definitely the most editorial item in the kit, as in it isn’t necessarily practical for regular use but it looks really freaking cool in pictures. The gloss is a smooth, lightly sparkly holographic clear gloss with a blue shift that isn’t sticky at all. I know for me, this will be a challenge as hooded eyes + gloss will just equal is creased smeared mess. Bu I will for sure play around and take some pictures with it! I also think it would look great patted on top of cheekbones or in the center of your lips.

Black SmudgeLiner eye kohl

The last makeup product is the Black SmudegeLiner eye kohl. This shadow stick is smoooooth, it really glides on like butter! And as the name suggests, super smudgy but fortunately not greasy nor does it set so fast that you have to rush. This can work as both a base for a really dark, grungey smoky eye or as a smudgy eye liner.

Blender Brush

The final item in the Dark Star kit is the perfect fluffy blending brush. It is a great multi-tasking brush that is a staple in anyone’s kit and will make blending out all these pigments a breeze.

Swatches! Top Row, L-R: Dark Matter; Mercury; Astral White; UltraViolet Blue. Second row, L-R: Cyber Clear Eye Gloss; Black SmudgeLiner Kohl

It’s so pretty! I am ECSTATIC to play around with this and you’re damn right I’m going to recreate Pat’s look from the Anna Sui show.

Now, please excuse me because I’m going to go play with those sequins some more….


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