What Smoky Eyes are Made of: Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006 Kit

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I moved from my hometown of San Antonio up north to Fort Worth last August. It’s been an adjustment for me, from literally not knowing more than three people up here to the fact that there are no H-E-B grocery stores nearby (I don’t know if I’ll ever adjust to that one!).

But one thing that remains constant is my love of beauty and makeup. I have definitely used it as a coping mechanism since my move and I would be lying if I didn’t admit it’s been difficult at times. For me, there is something comforting about sitting in front of my vanity and going through my routine day to day; or sitting on the floor swatching lipstick and glosses on the back of my hand; or my personal favorite, cracking open new products and testing them out for the first time.


The Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star 006 kit is the perfect set for you smoky eye lovers. I had so much fun figuring out this look and how to incorporate each item into a cohesive, sexy smoky eye with a twist.

The entire collection

I used everything in the kit except for the eye gloss, because I knew that would eventually cause any eye makeup I have under it to crease and I wanted to see how the shadows in the kit would fair on their own without it first. I found everything to be of superior quality and were a dream to blend and use!

My Greek heritage is really coming through in this side profile of my nose

Dark Matter, the charcoal black shade, has zero fallout and blends beautifully and smoothly. Like I had mentioned previously, it isn’t the deepest darkest black you’ve ever seen but that isn’t what it’s supposed to be and that’s actually what I like most about it. I would describe it as a satin finish, not completely matte but there is a sheen when it hits the light. To me, that gives it depth and dimension that a matte black can’t achieve.

So Dramatic

Mercury, on the other hand, is all sparkle and shine! I thought the sparkle would fly everywhere, but it actually didn’t. All I can really say is that it’s just so freaking pretty and I think it’ll really sing with a spritz of MAC Fix+ before applying.


I also can’t get over the multi-dimensionality of UltraViolet blue. It’s so vibrant, with sparkle and a tone that straddles blue and purple. I put it on my lower lash line as a pop of color, which is one of my favorite techniques to use for bright colors (perfect for hooded eyes!).

Detail view

For a bit of sparkle and color, I put Astral White on the inner corner tear duct and drug it out onto the inner portion of my lower lash line. The texture of this is grittier and more glitter based than Mercury, which makes it a little more challenging to work with and at least for my eyes, is a little more irritating. I really loved the holographic look of it, but it does need a little bit of effort to make work. I tried to use it as a cheek highlight, but it just looked like glitter instead of a highlighted shine. I think it might work better over a cream base!

Detail View

The SmudgeLiner kohl is sooo smooth. I only used it on the upper lash line but it stayed all day and didn’t transfer or smudge once it set. It’s also super pigmented. Lastly, the blending brush that was included was great too. It’s perfect for blending out the crease, I used it to apply Dark Matter to the outer corner and crease.

Swatches! Top Row, L-R: Dark Matter; Mercury; Astral White; UltraViolet Blue. Second row, L-R: Cyber Clear Eye Gloss; Black SmudgeLiner Kohl




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