Favorite Places

Check out what I check out!

The Courtney Kerr – My main inspiration to start blogging, Courtney is fun and fearless and best of all, she’s a Texas girl!

Go Fug Yourself – I’ve been reading GFY since college. I love Heather & Jessica, they are so witty and down to earth. Seriously one of my top favorite blogs EVER.

Makeup and Beauty Blog – My favorite beauty blog, Karen reviews everything (no, seriously she does) and she loves to connect with her readers!

Temptalia – My other favorite beauty blog. It is a great reference for swatches and dupes and Christine is so friendly and professional!

Jaclyn Hill – I only recently started into the crazy world of YouTube beauty gurus, but the only one that I really connect with is Jaclyn. I love her style and I’ve picked up some new techniques from her. I also love her crazy SnapChat life!

Makeup Addiction on Reddit – One of very few subreddits I read. Makeup Addiction is crazy, but I find lots of inspiration there and I enjoy connecting with other MUAddicts.

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